36 years of experience and professionality

The Nuova U.P.D. Srl has experienced continuous growth in economic terms, technological and organizational: the result of a commitment and seriousness base that, combined with the experience gained, have provided a solid foundation on which to rely.
The winning factor is the ability of the organization to provide a service, starting from the drawings prototype of the customer, building and assembling the components to get the finished structure and tested. Today the Nuova U.P.D. Srl is a modern reality industry that operates in Italy with innovative equipment and advanced information technology tools in a production area of 2500 square meters total, specializing in the processing of mechanical parts and assembly of automatic third parties.
The Company's fleet is very "young" and avant-garde, in line with the initial choice to occupy an important place in the field of milling and reaming with numerical control of medium and large pieces.



Nuova U.P.D. Srl is become a modern company that employs dynamic and advanced methods in the logic of continuous improvement, as well as an expansion at the international level.


Specialized services

The flexibility range of production is guaranteed by the consolidated experience in the machining industry. Technologies and materials are the subject of extensive study in order to ensure the maximum result.



Thanks to the technological expertise of our partners, with whom we share the same ideals of efficiency, constant monitoring of production processes nd through the correct productive economy, Nuova U.P.D. Srl is able to provide a service of high quality. The special attention towards the quality is also evidenced by the investments made of new machinery and measuring instruments.