Nuova U.P.D. Srl is an mechanical engineering company of Zola Predosa (BO) since 1977.
Born in the field of precision machining, over the years has consolidated its experience thanks to the constant evolution in technology, both in the machinery and the equipment, improving more and more production processes. The quality products, the relationship of trust with customers, reliability and the real-time management of working has meant that Nuova U.P.D. Srl became a reference point for leading companies in their specific industry.

Thanks to a varied and comprehensive machinery fleet, as well as the continuous pursuit of innovation, we are able to provide a service that reflects the needs of each customer. The quality control is backed by a special department of fully equipped with various tools and measuring machines: each component receives proper attention and the professionalism that characterizes us.

Management, Daniele Ottani
"The only sustainable competitive advantage we have is the ability to learn more quickly than competitor ..."

Production, Roberto Predieri
"The company was born in the September '77. I remember that in those days here it was all around the bush ..."

Administration, Alda Bisetto
"In the past the documents were written with a typewriter and agreements concluded with a handshake ..."

Business strategy

Understanding of security

Some of our machinery

Jobs - Jomach 243 - 4'500 x 2'300 x 1'250

Colgar FV 101 - 10'000 x 2'500 x 1'250

Mecof CS 500 - 6'000 x 1'000 x 2'100

Awea SP-3016 - 3'000 x 1'600

Awea LP-5025 - 5'000 x 2'500